Climb climb climb

Our standards are dropping. We got to breakfast at 6.10 am and five people had beaten us! 😳. Nevertheless we were on the road in good time today, and what a contrast to yesterday. The roads were relatively quiet.

Our last views of the lake in Annecy.

There was a big sportive event being held on the lake edge,

Today was a climbing day. There were five registered climbs, with three in excess of 5 km and the last one 9.8 km.

So we started climbing, and just getting ourselves into a steady rhythm, conserving energy as much as possible. It was quite cool for the first few climbs around 10C. The descents between climbs required pulling the arm warmers back up and zipping up the gilet.

We were not keen on stopping for long and the best spot km wise was on the descent or early flat section after the third climb.

If you stop too long, the legs seize up and complain loudly on the next climb. We just happened to pass a boulangerie and I grabbed a drink each to have a sip and pop the rest into our bidons.

A series of photos below from the first part of the ride including me climbing. Tony climbs faster than me. Up to 4% or so we are together, but more then that he out climbs as he pushes bigger gears, whereas I spin my lower granny gears.

Descending he totally smashes me. I’m a careful descender, thinking about all the things that could go wrong. He has no fear and experience with racing motor bikes.

These cows were wearing bells, lovely to hear them ringing.

This was the final village before our last big climb. We needed more fluid and popped into the most amazing boulangerie. However we were not in a position to eat, as the last thing you want climbing is a full stomach.

Off we headed for the 9.8 km climb that had an average of about 5.8% from memory. It was quite warm by now, arm warmers were off and gilet packed away.

Les Gets is at the top of the climb, a very popular ski village, but today it was pretty quiet.

All during the climb I had decided I would like an iced coffee. I was out of luck.

Just above the building you can see cows grazing. That is one of the ski slopes, as you can also see the lift. You can ski pretty well right into the village with the range of slopes around.

grazing. That is one of the ski slopes, as you can also see the lift. You can ski pretty well right into the village with the range of slopes around.

We are now descending to Morzine. It was quite a cold descent too with an icy wind.

This was the last photo we took on the ride during the decent. The Tour de France heads through here in July.

Tony spent 2 weeks in Morzine in 2018, staying at a chalet operated by former Devonport teachers Joe and Amelia. We both knew them from our involvement in triathlon and it was brilliant to be able to catch up with them on this trip.

They have established a business here and built a new home, and have their little daughter Lia. We had a wonderful bbq with them and four of their friends. Kind thanks for having us around.

Another day is done. Our last night in France this trip. 😢 Tomorrow we will cross the border back into Switzerland. Six more days riding though 😊

Thanks for reading, stay safe, smile on 😊

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