The three stooges

Yverdon-Les-Bains is at the southern point of Lake Neufchâtel. We had wandered through the old town in search of dimmer the night before, sans camera. As I ate my breakfast I looked at the art work on the wall and decided we should detour into the centre on our way out.

The town has some lovely old buildings. I think this is the town hall built over the old town market hall.

An interesting building

The old castle dates back to around the 1100”s.

We had played around with mapping routes last night and decided to make the ride a tad longer but cut out nearly 1000m climbing. This meant that we would follow the south eastern side of the lake before peeling off towards Bern.

We were surprised that the shoreline features lovely sand.

Our route headed away from the lake and up a hill into the village of Estavayer-le-Lac. A lovely village.

One of two nice fresh water fountains we noted
The second fountain. Most water fountains in Switzerland are potable, unlike France where most are not.
Old fortified gateway as I left the village

Brothers Pierre and Guillame d’Estravayer were both in the service of England’s King Edward I. One was given Tipperary in Ireland making him Lord of Tipperary and was involved in the fall of Acre in 1291. The brothers built this castle with expansive views.

Riding through agricultural fields, crops including corn, wheat and a plant that was either kale 🙈 or a smaller silver beet, but definitely not spinach as the leaf was quite coarse.

Checking my map on my computer

Climbing away from the lake, one of our last views.

There were a few of these round homes in this village.

A river ( not sure of name) and a foot crossing bridge.

We needed to ride through the Swiss capital of Bern. A lovely city but this trip did not go through the centre but around it. It took well over one hour in busy traffic, including chunks of walking and scootering our bikes through heavy traffic. The camera did not come out as we concentrated on safety and navigation.

Once we cleared the city we could relax just a tad, but still on a busy arterial road until we joined the main bike trail. In the distance we have mountains again, part of the Berner Oberland range.

More kale or mini silver beet?

The mountains are getting closer.

This is one of the bike trails heading to Thun, following the Aare River

We arrive in another busy city, Thun. The Aare is fenced off in one section and used for swimming. In a complex of pools. I guess going one way would be easy but when you turn to do,the second lap it would be strong resistance training.

We stop outside the railway station to get our bearings and check our route, but are quickly moved on as it is also a bus interchange and we were standing in the way of a bus. We hurried on out of the way.

The photo below is from the local tourist association, showing an aerial view of Thun.

The last 30 km of our ride follows the shores of Thunersee to the edge of Interlaken.

The bike trail was a mixture of open road (with bike lane marked) or this brilliant path cantilevered over the water.

We are heading to Wilderswil, located in the valley behind the imposing cliff ahead.
Looking towards Interlaken, on the flat section at the end of the lake

Once on Interlaken we turn right to climb up to the valley where Wilderswil is.

Our accomodation is up a very steep hill, again, of course! Tony made a flippant comment about it, but what a view.

The view from the front of the accomodation looking towards Interlaken and Brienzersee

Our room has a direct view of the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau. In these photos the Eiger is obscured by cloud moving over. Tony kept waiting patiently for the Eiger to clear.

Later in the evening the skies cleared and this was our view as the sun set.

Tomorrow is our first rest day. We have now ridden over 2600 km, climbed over 16 000 m. What that day will entail we are unsure. The weather forecast is poor, so that rules out riding Kleine Scheidegg, a high altitude ride. Only 80 km but 2000 m climbing and one that you need good weather for.

We will wait and see and decide when we wake up.

3 thoughts on “The three stooges

  1. Penelope Haley

    Hello Sharron,
    I’ve been following your blog every morning. I make my first cup of tea in the morning before the dawn…. ( which isn’t too early in Hobart this time of year) and I read your blog. It gives me tingles. And then I start my day.
    We walked the Eiger trail in 2018. From Grindelwald to Wengen. It was a little bit tough on the kids because they watched trains going by, which we don’t have the pain of seeing bushwalking in Tasmania (I insisted they couldn’t catch a train 😁) . Anyway, I look forward to seeing what you do tomorrow. This is amazing. . You’re trip is helping me dream and a plan is forming, thank you. Penny

    Liked by 1 person

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