Shades of Tuscany

This is the alleyway our bedroom window looked out into.  A funky part of Trieste. Our bikes were stored in the linen room, located up a different alley. It is easy to get lost with the plethora of similar looking alleys.


Here is my bike, all packed up and ready to roll. This old fountain has been disabled from use.


The first 5 km getting out of Trieste was a nightmare. Crazy Italian car drivers, pedestrians, motor scooters and an occasional cyclist heading every which way.

Disorganised and chaotic, yet everyone survives. They may be crazy but they are also quite tolerant.

A few km later and we have found a bike trail. Every now and then you just have to lift your bike and luggage over stuff!


Today would be a three country day. What’s more, within 22 km of riding, we would have been in 3.

Here I am, on a bike path, leaving Italy and entering Slovenia.


A few views of Slovenia, or is Italy?



This is Slovenia and you can see that the vegetation is really starting to change from the first two weeks. It is taking on a decided Tuscan twist, with olives and grapes being the only crops we saw all day.

Within 20 km we had crossed the border into Croatia, requiring two more passport checks. Within a few days we have collected 6 passport stamps from Slovenia and Croatia!



We passed numerous hilltop towns, also reminding me of Tuscany.


In the photo below, you can see a whisp of smoke on the right hand side. As we were climbing, we rode through a thick patch, courtesy of a farmer doing a burn off.


This old cottage is cute! Renovator required.


This photo is by special request from my friend Ali, in England. This is continuing my New Zealand theme.


Another renovators delight.


Another beautiful hilltop town.


Now this abode is for sale! I can confirm it comes with a great view!


More great vistas.


Towns ahead are well signposted with what is available. Crosses all languages, and a great idea!


Views after views.



With only 25 km to go out of todays 100 km, we stopped at a small cafe. Whilst we had no Croatian currency yet, they kindly agreed to take Euro.

We had two wonderful chicken, cheese and bacon burger, a large bottle of frizzante…all for 11 Euro.


The next 20 km were fantastic. We descended through a gorge. At the top you could just see the water reminding me of some waterways north of Sydney.

There were a series of pop up shops selling their local wares.



Nice colourful sign, no idea what it is about.


The last few km into Rovinj were hairy. Impatient drivers!

We needed to get the ferry as tonight we are staying on St Katarina Island, off the Rovinj Coast, with lovely Adriatic waters surrounding us.

After some mucking around on the bikes trying to find where we were meant to be, we made a few phone calls.

At last we were on the boat heading away from the crowds. Rounding the rocky promontory reveals the best facades of the old town.



We have been for a walk around ‘our’ island. Here are some of the views of the island and looking from the island.





These gulls are particularly large (perhaps twice the size of our common seagulls at home) and nesting. They are as silly as plovers with some of their nest locations, but far more placid.



The waters off the island are so crystal clear.


Todays route and elevation profile.



Well I must get some beauty sleep so I can continue the journey tomorrow.

A few last shots to show you of tonight’s Adriatic sunset.

Ooroo 😊💪🚴








3 thoughts on “Shades of Tuscany

  1. Ali

    Wow! And Wow again! Stunning locations and photos including the Trademark table top! 😂😂. Has to be continued Sharron.
    So very jealous but wishing you both adventures beyond xx

    Liked by 1 person

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