Farewell to The Alps ( Torbole to Vicenza – 90 km, 1481m)


The view outside our bedroom window at 7 am.

Today we bid farewell to The Alps that had challenged us in so many ways in the last week but first we had other issues to contend to at the hotel in Torbole. Breakfast.

Breakfast opened at 7 am. There are 75 rooms at this hotel on Lake Garda and they had guests including a bus load of obese Germans. Getting into breakfast was a difficult descent down the stairs as the Germans pushed and shoved to get there first. Elbows were flying. Quite a blood sport.

Amazing how fast they can move when food is involved. They piled their plates so high that structural engineers were required! Hungry cyclists who are averaging over 100 km per day and have been climbing peaks can eat! But we were unable to match the mighty Germans and conceded defeat to their superior eating abilities.

We sat away from the fine German team quietly pleased that they had not discovered not one, but two coffee machines that we were working hard. But alas the caffeine smell permeated attracting a few of their alpha males.

Back to cycling! We headed off out of Torbole taking a quick look at the Lake. There was a strong wind blowing.

Lake Garda
Lake Garda
Lake Garda



Just like yesterday we launched directly into a steep climb with cold legs with gradients of up to 14%. It was around 7 degrees Celsius and the big leg muscles did protest quite loudly!

This is the view around 1 km from Torbole as we climbed.


The first village was Nago ( 1.8 km), we then turned onto a cyle track that weaved up and down, under roads and across and so on.

After Rovereto ( 18.3 km) the real climb for the day started. It was a 26 km climb. On the way up we noted the church on the cliff. Rumour has it that the church is concerned about dwindling attendances on Sunday’s. I think this church would be a Mecca for rock climbers!

The church for rock climbers


Close up of the church

The climb today was tough going and I think it was made more difficult due to muscle fatigue. The views however were very rewarding.

The river gorge
Still the road keeps climbing
Still climbing

Eventually we made it to the top!

Another pass

Reaching the top also indicated that we were saying farewell to the Alps. One last look before descending.

Farewell Alps

The rest of the ride was a descent. Slow albeit due to poor road conditions  Tony’s worn brake shoes, and we also got stuck behind a very large gravel truck.

We were unsure where to stop for lunch and Sant Antonio ( 52.8 km) and Vali Del Pasubia (55.5 km) flew by and at the 60 km mark we arrived in Torrebelvicino and found a little bar open with 3 paninis left. So we purchased 2 of them plus 2 cappuccinos. I used their toilets…unfortunately as the only choice was a multi gender squat loo!

So from lunch we headed straight to Vicenzia a busy city with plenty of crazy car drivers and crappy roads. We did find a nice gelato shop though!!

One thought on “Farewell to The Alps ( Torbole to Vicenza – 90 km, 1481m)

  1. Mark Hughes

    Ahh Lake Garda – Brings back memories of our cycle trip with Bikestyle last year!!
    Did you ‘drop in’ to the church for rock climbers?
    There is one for cyclists at the top of one of the hills near lake Garda – will bikes spread all around the chapel walls.


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