Mother and son, part 2

A beautiful morning as I looked out the window.


I got up and dressed ready to go for a walk with Ben and his dog Wags.

I was hoping Wags was feeling ok as I discovered last night that Wags has got into my medicines and had consumed 6 Mylanta (antacid), 1 Buscopan (anti spasmodic) and 1 Imodium (anti diarrhoea). What a mix!

Fortunately he had not touched my epilepsy medicine as I am sure that would not be good for a dog!

So from now on this is what I need to do…shut my bedroom door. Isn’t that a lovely welcome sign too!


Wags appeared to be in fine form! Relief!

Check out this slug, it is huge! Wags seems to have no interest in eating them.


Wags sniffing!


Throughout the forest there are many woodpiles.


Wildlife zone providing protection.


That is a young Christmas tree farm. Numerous patches of  beautifully formed and coloured trees.


We planned to do a short ride from Lucerne some 1 1/2hour drive away.

Parking the car was a pain and eventually we found somewhere, headed off on our bikes towards central Lucerne.


After a short distance Ben was aware of issues with his bike. By a stroke of good luck, a bike shop was less than 500 metres walk away. The store needed the bike for a while to complete the mechanical repair so we found somewhere to eat.

I had the soup and Ben the antipasto.



Finally we hit the road, planning to ride around the lake to Vitznau and catching a ferry back to Lucerne.

I had visited Lucerne some 33 years ago, recalling that it was particularly beautiful.



The vistas as we scooted around the lake were fantastic. The mountains were difficult to photograph as the sun had created a haze over most of them.

This is looking towards the direction we were heading.


This is Mt Pilatus and a tiny tip of the Matterhorn to Pilatus left.


Not all tracks were rideable….pushing and lifting needed!


This section was difficult too as it was particularly narrow and we came up it. Tricky!


At the top of the stairs were numerous kiwi fruit vines, bearing many fruit.


Beautifully green countryside.


Then this beautiful outlook with a cute statue.


No matter where I looked, I clicked!



A break in transmission….this Church was in Vitznau where we needed to wait for an hour to catch the ferry.

The ride was great….it was hot, and undulating, with significant tourist traffic in Lucerne.



The ferry was packed to the rafters so we stood at the front. It was cooling and provided many wow factor vistas.


There were some very impressive chateaus.


One had a small chapel on a rock island.


This one is very impressive!


Finally we arrive back in Lucerne with the imposing Mt Pilatus backdrop.


A final look back before we jump into our car to head back to Therwil.


Switzerland is such a beautiful country. All along the lake today, people were making the most of the water in the soaring temperatures.

It was over 30 degrees today and if this keeps up, I will have a suntan!!

Back home, Ben knocked up a cheese fondue for his old mum.

It is now 10.37 pm and I need some shut eye, having been awake since 5 am.

Take care, thanks for reading








5 thoughts on “Mother and son, part 2

  1. The dog wasn’t interested in the slug ‘cos he’s still tripping out on all the pills!!
    Thanks goodness he didn’t touch your anti psychotic drugs and your female viagra…. the damn dog would have been humping the slug!!


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