Three capital cities, four days riding

I have been trying to think where else in the world you could ride your bike for four days and pass through the capital cities of three countries? There are not many.  The Hague,  Brussels and Luxemburg  jumped out as a possibility.

The other one is what we were about to do. Today we were riding to Budapest.

This is our route.


Before leaving Esztergom this was the view out our bedroom window. Yes another room with a view….a glimpse of the Basilica.


Leaving the city via cobblestones ( eek), we joined the Danube bike path for some distance. Well constructed and part of the Euro Velo route 6 route.


About 8 km out of Esztergom we stopped at this little beach on the Danube. We were struck by the beauty and solitude.

Dipping my front wheel into the Danube

It would be a wonderful spot to camp and have a little campfire.



Just out of Basaharc we arrived at a ferry crossing.  The ferry was on the other side (Szob)  and running late according to a Polish gentlemen waiting with his car.



It was a great thing to do, and we admired the view. It was so serene.


Also on board the ferry were a group of Germans with electric bikes ( bar one guy). They were doing a four day ride, and also heading to Budapest.

They could not believe we were doing our ride not using electric bikes. We figured we would see them again on our ride, but alas we did not as we were making faster progress.


A large passenger boat was heading downstream. You could see the passengers watching from their cabins or seated on the top deck.


The route from hereon in was a mixed bag. Roads, footpaths, bike paths, cobblestones, sealed and unsealed tracks were all used.

Below is another great section of sealed bike path. Others were twisted and knotted lumps of tree roots. In one town we were on a footpath and the rubbish bins were out for collection so we were weaving all around avoiding the potholes and wheels bins.


On the far side we noted a castle high on the hill.


A closer up view.


There were numerous jetties with private boats.


A cyclist fishing. Feel the serenity!


We stopped at Nagymaros for coffee as we were making good time and needed to ensure we did not get to our hotel until after the check in time of 2 pm.


This is the statue we gazed at whilst sipping our coffee.  Fierce looking chap.


A second ferry crossing was required when we reached Vac to cross us back over a branch of the Danube.




Looking back towards Vac.


The ferry actually crossed to a very large island bang smack in the middle of the Danube. I was quite surprised just how large the island was with numerous villages and a bus service.  I could well  the flat island floods with two branches of the Danube encapsulating it.

Time for a banana that I had faithfully carried from breakfast.


Just cruising.


Famous signage.  Our route followed part thereof.


The town of Szentendre was humming with tourists but we cruised through.


On the outskirts of Budapest we rode around what appeared to be an abandoned military base. Many tall sentry posts and plentiful barbed wire.

Here we have the latest Hungarian Army transport vehicles.


Perhaps this one is more your style?


After some giggling/admiring the trucks we read the sign on the wall behind the truck.


Top secret!!! Not anymore! 😂😂😂

We must have missed a cycling route as we somehow ended up on a very scary duel lane, high speed road with zero verge. One B Double told us what he thought scaring the crap out of us with his heavy handed horn.

We scooter along a slightly raised cement platform, hopping off to round power poles.  Eventually we found a way off and sanctuary at  railway station. Over the rail lines and we found a bike path.

At last we could see the famed outskirts of Budapest and we had survived!


The Hungarian Houses of Parliament were designed based upon London’s Westminster.

Getting closer to our accomodation.


Here we are.  We have excellent accomodation with a brilliant view.  This is our night view. We will aim for a better one tonight, but this is looking through the glass.


Today was an 80 km easy ride.  60 km was brilliant – relaxing and serene.  Getting in a out of big cities is always very slow and at times tortuous, but that is part of the journey we are undertaking.

Tomorrow is a rest day.  Our first and we intend to get around the city without our bikes, and later in the day do  bike cleaning and maintenance.

Ooroo 😊💪🚴


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