Start me up

Short and sweet.

The motor turned over and the story continues.

Lots of wires and drainage tubes removed. Think I lose more today.

Zwifters… I’d rather eat a bucket of kale and do radio tower intervals. Bucket!

The zipper club not one I’d line up to join, but here I am.

The anaesthetist zwifts. The guy in charge of the heart lung bypass machine zwifts. Nurse Aaron has found me on strava. Great to have like minded people around. Katja ( the anaesthetist) wants to join me on Zwift for my very first ride. 😊

I was taken to theatre around 12 noon Friday, and the two anaesthetists knocked me out within minutes. No time to get overawed.

Next thing I’m vaguely conscious as they bring me out and being given instructions as I’m still intubated. That was not pleasant and they ask you to give thumbs up. I let it rain thumbs! Finally the tubes that had been doing my breathing are removed. Relief..

Once extubated they tell me it’s just after 8 am Saturday. Wow.

My chest feels like I’ve had a run in with a Mack truck.

My left arm where they harvested an artery. The other artery was mammary, so my chest.

Dr Ash did this drawing for me showing his handy work. He’s a life saver and I told him my next cycle tour I’m dedicating to him.

I’ve been out of bed on day one and two. Yesterday I did a little walk with a walker. I get dizzy and nauseous.

Not interested in food yet. No appetite and I poke around with my banana. Dr Ash wants me to eat two bananas, one avocado and coconut water to help my potassium levels.

The nursing and medical staff here in icu are brilliant and very caring.

Only issue today is that the assistant surgeon has tested positive for covid so now I’m in isolation from others. Results due back today.

I have X-rays taken a few times a day to check lungs. Bloods regularly. I do have a bit of a temperature and they are doing cultures. I am told I’m doing well although if I’m honest, I feel like shit.

Sleep is evading me. 10 minutes here and there. Painkillers are oral now and I take whatever is offered, plus something to sleep.

New exercise is this contraption. I can get two balls up.

They are hoping to release me from icu today and send me to the surgical ward.

Tony is heading home today for a few days. Visiting hours are limited to 30 min and we can face time instead.

Thanks for your love, support and encouragement . Tony and Joshua have received in excess of 600 messages, comments and likes.


22 thoughts on “Start me up

    1. Malene

      Lovely to hear- we miss you ..
      glad to know you are out of surgery-

      the *ale thing – nahh ..
      but I’ll take you on radio cruise.. 😝

      Taking care of the Cake crusaders as best as I can..

      Today was the first time on my watch .. they didn’t caught us.. just saying..

      Good news from you. + finishing without getting caught..

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  1. Jeff Seger

    I’m so glad to hear that it went well. I knew it would, but it’s still good to get confirmation. I suspect you’ll have the equivalent of a Grand Fondo group showing up for your first ride back.

    Ride on!

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  2. JJ Harlick

    Great to hear that the surgery went well Superwoman! 😃 You’ll be Zwifting in no time…and with a new super power! 😉 Can’t wait to ride with you again…although you’ll leave me in the dust…😂😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Toran “statistics” MacLeod

      Missed you on the ride today. I’ve been out two months, one for work and the second with COVID. Heard you were out sick, so I searched to make sure you are okay. See you back in a few months- you got this.

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  3. The ball blower! Hours of fun! 😂 Wishing you a speedy recovery from surgery. Just to let you know, I recently had a “milestone” birthday plus have a family history, so your story nudged me to finally book that full health and heart check-up I’d been putting off.

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  4. Wanda Archer

    Sharron great to hear you’ve been getting up and pray each day becomes easier. Sounds like you have an amazing team there, kudos to them for taking great care of you!! Healing vibes, step by step, day by day!

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  5. Davis Jefferies

    Ok, I am sorry but the Covid thing made me giggle. I know that’s not very nice but all that you’ve gone through and then being exposed to that, just seems like a kick in the butt. I’m so glad you feel better and you look better, just know that we’re all pulling hard for you and can’t wait for you to get back on to Zwift. BTW, when I was little the dentist used a banana flavored numbing agent. To this day I cannot and will not eat anything banana. 🤣🤣🤣

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Mary Jones

    Thankful the op is over and the next race has begun – recovery, – then back on the road again. All the best for better days ahead. Best wishes and prayers. Mary

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    1. Lewis Britt

      Welcome to the “Zipper Club” (Member since Sep 2015)…. You’re going to bounce back quickly but for now rest and heal, you’ll be back quicker than you think.

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  7. Ali Fairley

    Cracked it! Banana and Kale smoothie awaiting your transfer to the Surgical Ward! So chuffed you are looking amazing considering all that youve just endured! It’ll be fun having those medical guys on your Zwift rides too – I can just imagine the banter 😉 Good for you Girl.. Rest up well when you can xxx

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  8. Graeme

    Hi Sharon I hope your recovery continues to improve. I had a bypass op at 50. I’m 65 in a couple of weeks and retired from policing 3 years ago after 40 years on Melbourne. It’s indiscriminate and your recovery is as much a mental thing now as a physical. Take the rehab advice and despite your obvious fitness it will be worth it. You can’t change genetics! I see my cardiologist every 2 years (cyclist) he advises to keep what I’m doing ie travel and cycle…do whatever I want. It’s a second chance and after 12 months you’ll be as good as new…dont expect full recovery sooner now matter how good you are. Being cut open takes time to heal. But you will be back in no time and live the fullest of lives. All Rh d best. Graeme

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  9. Hi Sharron!
    You don’t know me but I’m a fellow Zwifter and wondered why you were not riding and saw the comments on your last Zwift ride directing me to your blog. I’m glad to read that you made it through surgery and are on the road to recovery. It sounds like you’re extremely lucky. Get well soon and if you find your way back to Zwifting I’ll look forward to seeing those rides.


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  10. Nancy Strybosch

    Hey Sharon,
    Well done !!!
    It’s huge surgery.
    By the time you get this you’ll be feeling so much better. Been thinking about you a lot from New Zealand.
    Keep on keeping on.


    1. Asgeir (Stu) Holtby

      So glad to hear you are recovering!! A whole lot of us are cheering for you (and your family), and a world of people (literally ALL over this little planet) are waiting patiently to ride with you again.


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