South Arm and Opossum Bay

Today we planned to explore South Arm and Opossum Bay. Both areas nearly completely surrounded by water, connected to the rest of the South Arm Peninsula by a narrow isthmus (the southern part of the map below).

We stopped for breakfast at Lauderdale, also situated on a narrow isthmus. Next stop was Goat Bluff Lookout.

View to the North East
View south looking at Betsey Island
View straight ahead

Next stop was the South Arm RSL and Iron Pot Golf Club. We turned in there as we could see an army tank. The South Arm war memorial is very interesting and well done with the tail fin of a F111 ( F one eleven), M113 armoured personnel carrier, and an image of HMAS Hobart, amongst the exhibits.

We headed on through the village of South Arm towards Opossum Bay stopping to admire this house and view. There has been some debate tonight about whether this is the house that Brian Ritchie, the bassist with the famous US folk punk band Violent Femmes owns. Apparently he is best mates with Tasmania’s leading IVF specialist who travels with the band. Further curiosity is that Brian also acts as a curator for MONA. Whoever owns this house, has a magnificent spot.

The road comes to a halt where a new development is proposed for End Arm, an area originally settled by a colonist by the name of Gellibrand. The area will feature a golf course, walking and cycling tracks and looks awesome!

We were really impressed with Opossum Bay. Lovely beach, calm water and houses overlooking the beach.

Noted on the back deck of this house was a very Aussie Xmas tree…made with thongs ( known as flip flops, jandals to others).

Pretty awesome jetty and pontoon. We rode right out this one.

We rode out on the main road (having come in on a secondary road), and took a few turn offs to check out sights. Calvert Lagoon and beach are the next few photos.

Our final turn off was down to Clifton Beach, where a bunch of school kids were having surf lessons.

A very pleasant day ride of around 75 km, somewhat undulating with headwinds heading in, tailwinds out. Tomorrow we commence our journey to the West Coast and central region of Tasmania.

Thanks for reading. Ooroo

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