We’ve arrived…to a traditional Czech Easter welcome

There is nothing glamorous about long haul travel. 4 plane flights later and we have arrived in Prague.

We were collected by my Zwifting friend Mirek and his daughter Eliska.  I spent a week with Mirek and his family last year.  Having me stay is his ‘reward’ or ‘punishment’ for ‘convincing’ me to ride in the 24 hour Zwift event last year!

We detoured via a higher part of Prague to overlook the city and see the largest sports stadium in the country.


The stadium is in the background. The tall tower directly behind us in an air vent for the tunnel beneath us. Very tall!

Highest priority once in Cekalovice was putting the bikes together.  All appears fine and they have blended into their new home well.


Sarka was busy decorating eggs when we arrived. It is an Easter tradition on the Monday here to have the decorated (hard boiled) eggs, which later get eaten. I was learning the finer art of decorating. Sarka teaches children at a primary school, (3 grades) and I can tell she is very experienced at this! I did not find it that easy at all!

Straight into the Czech Easter tradition

Here are some of the finished products.

I can see a Sharron Yaxley original design in the bowl!

The egg below was decorated by an elderly local lady.  After colouring the egg with a dye, the egg is carved with a pin head! Extremely intricate and painstaking!


We wandered into town via the river for dinner.  I have swapped my mode of transport.  Scooter it is….although I am not ambidextrous, only being able to push off with one leg. I did manage to get the route onto strava!!



Mirek is busy at breakfast building a wheel for his bike before heading off for the Easter Monday tradition.


Easter Monday, I was told that ‘boys’ knock on the door and ‘whip’ the girls backsides with their canes.  I interpreted boys as pre puberty age male

I was wrong.  Traditional Czech welcome!

The Czech Easter welcome!

In return, the children receive Easter tokens.  The men receive a shot of an alcoholic beverage!

Amazing hand made biscuit art work

So with that, I will sign off and get ready for a ‘coffee ride’ with my Czech friends I rode with last year.  I think we might be heading to Podebrady, so Tony can experience the surprising water fountain.





4 thoughts on “We’ve arrived…to a traditional Czech Easter welcome

  1. Noeline Durovic

    So glad to wake up to your post..Our children had the coloured eggs as they grew up for our easter Sunday. From Geoge’s Muma..She was a great traditionalist – although always told me our children had to live as Australians not to be different..However many of the children friends came to us over Easter and loved our Serbian Easter.,,Wonderful start..Enjoy and stay well. xxPS..Serbian Orthodox Easter is next weekend..


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