Let’s stick together

Yesterday, all our problems seem so far away…so after our solo adventures yesterday a new day, new destination.

Leaving Taihape via the giant gumboot we headed into the French restaurant for some breakfast. The ride from town launched straight into a decent climb and woah, that breakfast came back to haunt me.

The first 20 km was scary, plain and simple. We were climbing lots on a busy highway, B Doubles one after the other, little verge. We were buzzed closely by multiple trucks and cars!

The first picnic stop provided welcome relief and a nice view.


Below is an example of a tuck and the verge!


More views from the picnic area, safe haven.



It was a welcome relief to leave the highway and head towards Rangiwhahia and Manuwatu. The gorge was brilliant.





The road weaves around following the river with undulating climbs.



Another picnic zone with information re the local area.



The picnic table ensured I could have another table shot.

The table was a bit short!

One of the day’s highlights was the sheep moving along the road. It took some time to pass by us as they were taken aback by us and we moved off the road to try and encourage their movement.

However that was not good enough for this Kiwi sheep. The farmer waved at us to cross over the other side of the road and into the ditch.

The sheep passed and the farmer stopped to talk to us. He said he could see we were trying to do the right thing but that many tourists don’t. Locals know to get right down into the ditch!

Sheep rules!



We rested under the large English trees at the Cross Hills Garden Centre where the cafe is only open October and November.

We followed up with a cool drink in Kimbolton, a somewhat unusual town. I quite liked the tiles at the local toilets produced by local school children.



After purchasing some provisions we had a lovely tea and picked flowers on the way back to the motel to brighten the room up!

Lovely bunch of local flowers!!

So only two days remaining. We have been in the road for 7 straight days and covered just under 700km!



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