Majestic castles and forests

The day started off splendidly relaxing outside enjoying the sun at breakfast time. The day was looking great.


The plan was to drive south to Karstjeln Castle, one of the Czech Republic’s more famous ones, founded in 1384 by King Charles IV.

We drove to the castle and walked the 2 km up the hill, with our bikes as we were not comfortable leaving them in a public car park, from the bike safety perspective.


The Castle was certainly impressive, and was established to hold the Crown Jewels.

My new little friend Eliska. She makes a great cup of coffee for me each day.
One impressive edifice
Old windows intrigue me and I liked this one.


The ceiling in the King’s bedroom

The King’s bedroom had a door in the corner that had steps leading up to the floor Queens quarters. It only opened one way…so the Queen could not enter..only the King could head up, if he felt like her ‘company’.

The King’ bed

The castle afforded some great views.



After checking out the castle on an organised tour, we walked downhill with the bikes. Walking downhill  is frustrating…riding it would be easier. But we did stop for icecream.


Back at the car park it was a quick change into bike gear and off we went.


We did not leave the castle until after 3.30 pm, so it was going to be a later evening ride.

We were headed for the hills via a very shady and majestic forest.


We got a bit lost a couple of times ending up on tracks like this.

Mirek has maps on his phone opened checking routes

As time was marching on, we decided not to continue with this path but to double back to the main road, and follow the river back into central Prague, or Praha as it is known in the Czech Republic.

I was feeling quite peckish by now, and noted a fruit and vegetable vendor off the road, so we turned back and purchased drinks and fruit.


Oh, they also sold light beer…never too early I gather! Ha ha.

Thirsty lad

As we entered central Prague we were on an incredibly busy shared pathway.  This city must have the greatest concentration of roller bladers in the world. Whilst it slowed our trip, it was great to see so many people and families out walking, riding, roller blading.

We ended up riding on the dreaded very old cobblestones not designed for bikes, with wide gaps. We were also surrounded by thousands of people hanging around the river bank. Progress was painfully slow.

Laid pre bicycles!

We arrived back quite late, knocking off just over 100 km.



A great second day in the Czech Republic. Tomorrow looms as a record breaking one for me on the road as a small group of riders will be here for breakfast, and we are heading towards the German and Polish borders to climb the highest point in the Czech Republic.

Until then, I need some sleep!




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