Rest day…..?!?

Looking out my bedroom window this morning

Heading out the door this morning we were all rugged up.   Leg warmers, jackets as it was only around 7 degrees. The photos are looking down the valley leaving the St Anton accomodation where we really pigged out on a great breakfast.


I was told today was a rest day riding wise…easy…all downhill…sounds good!

Sure on the data for the day it looks all downhill too.


However the ride was not that quick as for the most part, we were on cycle tracks which weave around, winding through little villages, dirt, gravel and sealed.

The advantage is you see so much more of local life and gain great vistas.



We were really slowed down in the major city of Landeck with bumper to bumper traffic. I pulled over to take a photo of the bridge. There is a small castle on the mountain as well.


A couple strolled past with their dog, who jumped straight  into the fountain splashing water around. Reminded me of my beautiful dogs at home as Simba would do the same thing if she could make the fountain height.



More views from the bike route.



We crossed the river numerous times.



Stopping for lunch at a cafe adjacent to the cycle track, including signage for bike parking.


Leaving lunch the track climbed steeply, around a corner, push, push, push and woah! Track blockage ahead….


Now these beautiful cows were not moving…off my bike and I slowly pushed my bike past.

Another nice village…


Here is a nesting box for 9 different types of wasps…I hope they all know who goes where and there is no co-habitating!


The last 10 km into Innsbruck was fairly straight forward, locating our accomodation that has been prebooked. I had a guy sitting behind me the whole way… he thanked me when he finally g

Todays route:


After washing our clothes and showering it was time to hit the streets and check out this old city that has great architecture, and surrounded by mountains all around.

Unfortunately the sun angle was not supporting me with photographs.



Two other items of interest. Firstly this group played beautiful music.


I watched a guy dressed in Austrian styled costume ride into the square on this bike. He was obviously very trusting as he left the bike and wandered off into a shop.. totally the opposite of me, as I never leave my bike unattended.

Just check it out…umberella, llama bag, sheep wool lined jacket, guitar..


So, another 105 km knocked off today and tomorrow we cross the Brenner Pass into Italy. A day of climbing …aaarghhh.


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