Salardu to Sort…oh Spain!

What a time we have had in Spain so far!

We went out to tea 50 metres from our accomodation and dinner was not starting until 8.30 pm! We could not last that long for food so chose cold tapas. Exquisite food!!

I met and befriended Marco, a free spirited Italian cyclist just doing what he loves. He became our newest best friend! He was such a happy and friendly guy, with a passion for cycling and zest for life that could only make you smile!IMG_2300

We were provided with free shots of the local liquor. Looked like cough medicine but wow!! I brought a bottle to bring home. My first alcohol since finishing London to Venice!!

There was live music and the guy could really sing! He belted out a great rendition of Roxanne. There were little kids that looked about 5 years carting huge beers outside to their parents.

It was a great fun atmosphere and the whole village seemed to be there. As we left I gave the owner a hug as it was just great fun and they made us feel so welcome.


Elizabeth with the shot glasses. Elizabeth was born in Cork, Ireland, lived in Glasgow, Scotland and emigrated to Ottawa, Canada around 30 (?) years ago.

Today shone brightly and we had the best breakfast yet. Scrambled eggs and a great variety of protein! Yes the ubiquitous carbs were there but at least there were options today.

As soon as we left our accomodation we climbed  and climbed and climbed. Already at 1300 metres we climbed to nearly 2100 metres to Port de Bonaigua. A really nice climb with great views.

Looking back towards Salardu
Leaving Salardu


Early in the climb
Start of the official 13 km climb
Series of switchbacks started half way up
At the top!

Very pleased to be at the top, we then donned extra clothes for the descent. We were a km or so into the descent when we had to slow down for horses that were in the road and verges. Some were even wearing cow bells.

They seemed fairly tame. This horse was quite ok with me being so close.

The descent was good fun! We got caught behind a motor home for some distance and Tony overtook it much to my horror. I chose to sit back behind, in a more conservative approach.

A section of the descent

There were great views but we did not stop a lot descending.


At La Guinguetta d’aneu there is a nice lake we passed.


We rode through Llavorsi at the 51 km point, crossing a river and following a gorge. Rafting was very popular with multiple groups on the river.

Rafting promotional signage
Rafting group downstream

We arrived in Sort right on midday and checked out the main street  where there was a political march occurring.


Today’s route skipping close to Andorra


Today’s elevation graph

We then headed to the hotel, well ahead of check in and the van! It was a beautiful day and look what we found!

I could not get my shoes off quick enough. The pool is not heated.

Anyway it got too much for me. I took my jersey off and….

Yes into the pool with my cycling knicks! Great way to cool off!

For tea we headed into Sort to try and find anything, anywhere before 8 pm. they really do eat late in Spain. We were with Elizabeth and Gordon and found a tapas bar where I tried cuttlefish for the first time. Very much like squid.


2 thoughts on “Salardu to Sort…oh Spain!

  1. Long Troc

    nice pictures, good climbing with some great hairpins! A good collection of candidates for your dungeons Mink … Bruno the chef, Marco the stallion! Tony the chief will soon be out of a job lol. Widh you two a good time in Spain.


  2. Mark Hughes

    Countryside and climbs looking great Shaz – very envious!! As for that Marco fella… he’s giving you that ‘come hither’ look!! …. you sly dog!! …. they can’t help ’em selves!!….. its all in the name!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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