Just a little bit wet…well ok, a lot!

Today was promising to be the polar opposite of yesterday. We knew that the forecast was for rain and wind. When we awoke, it was quite calm, a gentle breeze and threatening skies….could the meteorologists be wrong?

We were ready for breakfast before the hotel opened, waiting for the doors to be opened at 8 am. So we went for a wander and last look at the beautiful Pieman River.

A light breakfast and whilst sorting our account out, the general manager gave us two extra muffins for free. Very kind. We seemed somewhat of a curiosity to other guests. Walking around guests would ask if we were the two cyclists riding around Tasmania.

We had no wifi coverage at Corinna but the general manager can access and told us that he had just checked the Bureau of Meteorology site, and the rain was due to hit very shortly.

Quick farewells and we donned all our wet weather gear including the neoprene booties. Extra lights were turned on our bikes at the front to warn oncoming traffic (we have rear red flashing lights on permanently).

The first 25 km are gravel all the way to the mining village of Savage River. There is also 550 metres of climbing in that time, and we had done 150 metres of it in the first few km. the gravel, overall, was in pretty good condition. With the rain, there were slushy sections. It was quite slow progress.

I was very pleased to reach Savage River. There is nothing there except cabin after cabin of miners accomodation but we did note an open shed that we made a beeline for. We stood inside there and had a snack whilst watching the rain get heavier. It is tough knowing you still have 39 km left when it is raining so heavily.

Very few photos were taken after Savage River. Our mobile phones do not like rain! We were also keen to push on. We had a couple of decent climbs to complete particularly the 45 km one. Tony managed to grab the echidna photo…just….as the echidna was moving quite fast.

After Savage River the number of vehicles passing us increased, and many were plain hoons. We assumed that some of the guys had finished their shift and flooring it to Burnie, but we were less than impressed.

We were delighted to arrive safe and sound into Waratah as we were wet! That hair is very wet….it had been tied back.

Our accomodation had a shower over a bath….I enjoyed both.

We have decisions to make as our route was destined to take us through two alpine regions (Cradle Mountain and Central Highlands) and the latest forecasts are snow, from tomorrow, down to 900 metres. Strong winds are also forecast.

Thankyou for reading, Ooroo

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