9 days down, 2 to go

No early morning photo…I slept restlessly thinking about Linda, and finally fell asleep deeply waking shortly before I was due at breakfast being cooked by Blair. So i jumped out of bed and quickly made myself a tad more presentable, noting my eye lids were puffy from a lack of sleep.

Great wholesome and very filling breakfast. I could have spent hours talking with Blair as we had similar opinions on a wide range of topics including conspiracy theories, Illuminati, minimalism…

I needed to move my butt and get out on the road. The sun was shining, but there was the now omnipresent wind…groan.


A short distance out of Rawene and I pulled over for this amazing view.


There were a series of 100 meter climbs before I arrived in Opononi. What a pretty spot.



I stopped at the very first shop, needing coffee. As I waited I sat next to a massive bloke and we got chatting. He was part Maori, part Jewish, as well as an eclectic list of other ethnicities. He told me he was a Maori spiritualist, known in the area for his spiritual ability to read people and so on.

Well of course I was curious and asked what he saw in me, spiritually. The answer was ‘righteousness’…interesting as I think I am quite righteous.

We went on to discuss many topics including the Illuminati ( second time for the day), Maori history and flat versus spherical earth ( we disagreed on this one!). But I needed to bid ‘Gavin’ farewell otherwise I would never reach my destination.

Climbing out of Opononi provided magnificent views. Maybe I could live here?



Then came the big climb for the day..today had a decent amount at 1558 metres, but this climb was 400 metres steady. My back was not happy so I spun up in my granny gear, also breaking to stretch, just because I could. I was missing not being able to get out of the saddle. The front handlebar bag prevents that given the weight.

Todays climbs…


Couple of shots on the climb up.



As you near the top of the climb there is luscious rainforest. It was very pleasant as there was no wind in this section.


At the top of the first climb and descent there is a small flat section. Every hill climbing cyclists dream…. a coffee shop! This one sold ice coffee!

Look at the lady on the right tapping the blokes back…maybe he is meant to be sharing his icecream?

This is a popular tourist stop for one BIG reason….Tane Mahuta, New Zealand’s largest living kauri. The tree is known as the Father of the Forest, and is an estimated 3000 years old. I could not photograph the tree in one shot.



There is even a loo with a view…


As pleasant at it was, I needed to keep moving..,there was wind to battle!

I stopped at this bridge crossing…622108CB-28C2-4EFA-8413-AE9688B68EC0F9CE1AEF-B9B9-4EDF-9D24-7903556F3D68

Another stop, another hill, another view….



A bit of light reading as I rested at a service station replenishing fluids.

Trying to choose my next tractor

Approaching Dargaville, this sign informed me that it is the Kumara capital.


Accompanying my back spasms has been one squeaky bike chain for the last few days. The mouse was getting louder and more annoying but I had no lube with me, so I was very excited to see a bike shop open in Dargaville. I spent a solid 45 minutes there leaving with a bike with no squeaks…oh, and umm my tyres were pumped up!!!

The front tyre had 50psi and the back 62…..they now have 100psi so I should roll a whole heap better..😬😳😊

Tonight I am in Turiwiri at a Farmstay. Great place, huge dinner and all is ok.

That food is all for me



My lubed up, pumped up steed is happy too.



So two days left…hard to believe…wow, so now I need some sleep as I’ve had a few shite ones!



3 thoughts on “9 days down, 2 to go

  1. Alison Fairley

    Superb photographs and write up Sharron. This solo trip of yours defines your true spirit! Keep going Lady… you’re amazing! xx


  2. cherieineurope2016

    Nice to see the sun out, but shame about the wind. I hope it settles for your last couple of days. Sorry to hear about your friend/colleague. Live your life to the fullest. No regrets as we all don’t know how long we have in this world. May the last run in be with the wind up your tail…. Cheers Cherie

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