The great art of life is sensation, to feel that we exist, even in pain – aka riding in the rain, headwind and dead road!

We woke up to drizzle, wind and a lower temperature. On paper today was to be the easiest ride due to the fairly flattish route and only 350m climbing.  However the day provided its own challenges with strong head winds.

I liked the plants at the back of this cemetery

We did a lot of left and right hand turns today watching the navigational instructions carefully. One of the instructions we believe is ‘wrong’ but with the use of mobile phone maps were able to get back on track ok.



Welcomed respite was found at a cafe in Foxton. Interesting little town with great food and crafty shops. Sue purchased a locally made cushion cover here.

I liked this old truck

The windmill dominated the skyline. Not sure what the story is behind it.


After leaving Foxton on the main highway we had a brief reprieve from the hectic highway traffic on a short section of cycling path.

Cycling path gates

We ran the highway gauntlet with trucks and cars in poor visibility conditions and narrow verges. It was a huge relief to leave the highway just as it started to pelt down. Oh here we are, another cemetery, with great rain protection trees.

Sue taking shelter in the cemetery.

The scenery in the latter part of the ride resembled Scotland.




We were both glad to arrive in Otaki as we had enough of wet and windy riding.

Fortunately the accomodation, Byron’s Resort also has a bar and restaurant meaning we don’t need to hike into central town. A lovely young couple run this joint and are trying hard to create a great holiday destination. Hence my reference to Lord Byron’s famous quote.


Hopefully Sue and I won’t get into trouble tonight and be at the receiving end of a lecture from a twenty something girl!! ( What happens on tour,stays on tour)!!!

So per the sign we are getting close to Wellington. Tomorrow is the penultimate day. I always view that day as bitter sweet. Glad to reach the destination safely but sad that it is over. I love touring!!





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