Coll de Nargo to Solsona

This was my first view out our bedroom window this morning.


It was overcast in the direction we were to ride. Firstly though, more important matters. Breakfast. I love Spain! 3 days running we have had a great breakfast!! Good fuel for the climbing ahead.

Leaving the hotel we headed back towards Organya for 2.4 km before turning right and crossing a small river.

Looking back towards Coll de Nargo

A little further up the road we could see Coll de Nargo more clearly, perched on its rocky outcrop.


The road was very quiet and serene.



We travelled along this road for some distance before descending and then climbing along a gorge and through several short tunnels.


We past two small villages of Alinya and Les Sorts before climbing to the top of our first Col for the day, Coll de Boix (1320m). No sign, so no photo!

After a short descent we started climbing again out of the village of Cambrils. We found these couple of friendly guys (?) on the side of the road, with dreadlocked manes.


The spectacular views continued with amazing rock formations.


In this photo you can see a lower road that we had ridden up. We looked hard to see if we could see any of our other riders.



We passed through another tunnel and continued climbing and then descending near this cafe.

Casanova was not home!

Beautiful views!

Hardly seems likely territory for cows!



At the 33 km point we found this natural spring. Two old guys were filling their water containers up. The water was very cold and very nice so we filled up our bidons.

This old guy was amazed that I had cycled from Coll de Nargo up all those hills!

We continued to climb up and around until we reached Coll de Jou (1480m). These are photos from this section.

An old fortification at the top of the hill


An old structure built at the cliff base


Coll de Jou

From the Coll the road descended and continued undulating along the top of rocky wooded hills, before climbing steeply up another small 2 km section.

From the top of this climb Tony shot off down and around a bend and as I followed him noticed he had pulled off the road to take a photograph. So I slowed down to pull off and ended up,underneath my bike! Most importantly the rear derailleur is ok! Me, well I knocked the scab off my knee, and have matching bruises on my right hip and a very sore shoulder!

As we descended further down we were amazed by the geology of the area.


Amazing rounded structures

This was our final view back to where we had ridden during the day! The Pyrenees certainly have been a highlight and we are now farewelling the amazing area.

The last of the Pyrenees, but not climbing for us!

Today’s route and elevation data.



We are now in Solsona, a quite large town. There is an ‘old town’ section which is medieval. We went for a wander but it was all closed for the siesta, which goes from around 12 noon to between 4-5 pm! It was like a ghost town!

This used to be the main entrance to the town for nobles
Quiet, narrow streets
600 Euro if you don’t pick up your doggy poo!
The Museum
One of three remaining water fountains in the old town that used to provide fresh water
Interesting stone carvings
The Cathedral. Closed for siesta until 4 pm but obviously that is not strictly adhered to as it still had not reopened by 4.15 pm. Parts of this church go back to the 10th century,


So we are nearly at the end of this cycling odyssey, sadly! 2 more days of riding are left. Tomorrow we climb again this time to Montserrat and then the final day, with more climbing and the urban necessity of riding into Barcelona!

2 thoughts on “Coll de Nargo to Solsona

  1. Mark Hughes

    Noice Shaz. Now its looking more like the Spain we rode – rugged, rocky… dramatic!
    Casanova – this way… Shaz – the other way!!!
    You are supposed to use your brake callipers to stop the bike Shaz – not slide along the ground – silly Tasmanians!!!
    Didn’t you read the sign at the natural spring – Problems with the water – its been wee’d in!! Hope you didn’t drink too much!!
    How are you surviving the late dinners – lots of Tapas / Pinchos…. and Sangrias??!!


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