Stephen’s wise words of wisdom


What a brilliant quote…I’d like to think that I am achieving what he said…I am forever trying to make sense of what I see and feel (not always successfully I might add), I am curious by nature always wanting to learn more, also very inquisitive  and enquiring in order to expand my mind. Yes, life has thrown me some curly challenges, and cycling is what helps me survive and succeed and stops me from giving up and tossing in the towel.

Last year I was asked, what makes me tick? I initially gave a glib answer…but it is a good question that I have since given a lot of thought to.  Thought I knew, but now ?

Since then I have set myself a series of personal challenges…and this particular one is the toughest as I am doing it all on my own. Only me to rely on and a few people as backup ( by phone) if I get desperate.

I have discovered I am far more mentally resilient than I realised, and I think I can take on other demanding cycling challenges…just what I am not sure, but I have my thinking  cap on…

So back to today. I awoke to this view from my bedroom window. Now that big lump is where I am headed. But I need to ride out of this peninsula, and up the next. Rain was forecasted.


I had a sumptuous breakfast cooked by the gorgeous Els…I will miss her as we did have a nice heart to heart talk today about ‘stuff’, and she is genuinely caring and kind.

It was threatening to drizzle as I departed quite late at 10am. It was a 15 km ride out to the highway, then another 15 km down the highway to Awanui, where I stopped at the bakery for coffee.  I was quite intrigued by the little river as it hardly seemed big enough for all the watercraft.



Turning right I was heading on the highway to Cape Reinga. Only one km up the road is a shop selling kauri tree products, which Els had recommended I stop at.

There is a sign up stating that all the kauri products sold were from recycled kauri, carbon dated 40 000 to 50 000 years ago. Wow!

Inside there are a variety of kauri products for sale, as well as other kiwi products.

I was intrigued by the tree stump that had stairs carved through the centre, taking the visitor to the second floor.



There were some mangnificent kauri art works for sale…but…anything I buy, I have to carry, ensuring my continued fiscal tightness!

It was at this point my Garmin started playing up, beeping erratically and annoyingly! It failed to measure distance and speed for about one km, but reduced the average speed as if I was riding at zero kmh. Weird, so I stopped it, saved, and turned it back on. At least the beeping stopped!

It was pouring with rain now and I was quite wet but could not be bothered stopping to put my raincoat on as I was not cold. I came across a butchers shop in the middle of nowhere that had some general store provisions, and I left with some local made biltong which I will use for my ride up to the cape tomorrow.

Perfect size portions for cycling

Arriving in Houhora it was still pouring at my stop by the game fishing club.



It was only another couple of km amd I arrived at a food stall on the side of the road, indicating I was at my destination. Fiona, also sells honey, a range of local crafts and vegetables as well as yummy fruit ice creams.

My home for the next two nights is in the old jailhouse. Some might think that quite appropriate for me.

Note the bike is inside!!


The lock is on the outside of my bedroom…. and
A very thick door too.

So for dinner I headed down to the local fishing club with Fiona’s parents, who are also hosting a couple from Iowa. Got to meet a bunch of very friendly locals, have a meal that offered a great view, and an apple cider more reasonable in price…$5.50



One thought on “Stephen’s wise words of wisdom

  1. I smiled quietly to myself with your coming across the Kauri fossils and gum..still to this day..My first hearing of Georges fellow country men was the Dali’s as we knew them young men who came from this country in Europe Dalmatia part of Yugoslavia to dig for the Kauri gum in and around 1920/30..then re birthed as our orchard – wine – fish industry to this day,, In my narrow existence without the flow of people settling into NZ as in Australia we were in many ways isolated from so much that was the why of the immense regimes of the great drive to escape – to live a better life. As happened as did happen as I grew up cocooned and safe, A time to seek to cross the world to hope and a better life.. To me i just assumed George was a Dali as he came from Yugoslavia.. Oh dear I had a lot to learn,,,,These New Australian and those Dali’s NZ’s NEW New Zealanders gave us all so much wealth of life as we lived and learnt, PS George is an Australian!!!The country he left is called Serbia and Yugoslavia does not exist…


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