Cesky Krumlov

What a great name for a town. We are in the Southern Bohemian region of the Czech Republic and spending a full day in this historic town, centred around its castle, which is a UNESCO World heritage site.

The town’s name Cesky means Bohemian, and differentiates it from Moravsky Krumlov (South Moravia).

The castle commenced construction around 1240 by a local noble family.

Most of the town’s structures are Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque.

The photo below shows the extensive length of the castle complex, from the tower to the very left of the picture….and that is only part of it.

We walked up to the top of the tower, to the viewing platform. Great view of town and the third and fourth pictures show more of the castle.

One aspect I found really sad is the bear enclosure. The castle has had a history of bear keeping for 3 plus centuries, but this bear was pacing up and down. There are two parts to the enclosure, and the second part has water and vegetation. Sad way to live. I read that her partner, Hubert, died many years ago. Hubert had been born in captivity there in the 1990’s.

We visited a very weird art exhibition in the rooms underneath the castle. All of this ‘stuff’ was for sale. A lot of it verged on the macabre and you would think David Walsh would love it at MONA.

I also found a dungeon!

More views from various parts of the castle, as well as the extensive castle gardens.

Heading back to the tourism throng, you cannot help but to notice the proliferation of selfie sticks and posing going on. Cracks me up, and I do cackle. They can spend a significant amount of time taking these photos, checking, re checking, re taking until satisfied.

Tony found a shop and museum that intrigued him.

I found this sign inside another shop. Australian and Czech product all in one!

I do not believe I granted my IP rights for this replica?!?

I liked this door.

I love the way they create these ‘bricks’. Very effective.

We found the old Monastery and gardens.

We wandered around the river area. Rafting is a popular activity.

Then we found this….look who has reserved parking directly outside!

A few final pictures of this great little town.

We’re itching to get pedalling. Whilst it is good for your body to not pedal each and every day, particularly whilst we both have colds, we do not do this tourist role very well.

We have scheduled three days more riding, weather permitting. Stay tuned for our final few days.

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