The good, the bad, the ugly

Farewell to Sienna (the good granddaughter) and her mum and dad from Granny and Poppy Tony took time, as she stood and waved for many long minutes. We waited for her to pass us in the car for our final goodbyes.

My kids live wide and far (Hobart, Melbourne, Adelaide-Gold Coast and Basel, Switzerland) so I am fortunate that at least I live in the same state as Sienna despite still being over 300 km away.

After our final wave, we entered the max peak hour traffic heading out from Acton Park to the major highway that heads into the city. We hopped onto a gravel footpath to minimise impact, being tooted by my daughter in laws Mum as she headed off to work.

We headed via the Coal Valley to Richmond with one final view of the water.

The Coal Valley has some quirky named places, such as Peter Rabbit Garden, Puddleduck Vineyard, just down the road from Duckhole Rivulet.

Richmond is one of Tasmania’s oldest villages, initially established as a pioneering district within the Van Diemen’s Land penal colony.

It boasts Australia’s oldest existing stone arched bridge. Construction commenced in 1823 using convict labour from the nearby Richmond Gaol. The convicts were forced to mine the sandstone and then transport it to the site.

Earlier today a friend from my school days, Kim K told me that her husband has done extensive restoration work on the bridge throughout his career as a stonemason, having also repointed the entire bridge. What a great legacy to be part of.

My eldest son Joshua and his wife Kimberley had their wedding photos taken in the grounds of the bridge too.

The church spire belongs to St John’s Catholic Church and is considered to be the oldest Roman Catholic Church in Australia, constructed in 1836.

At the rear of Richmond Bakery is the Richmond Wine Wall with an array of barrels from local vineyards, promoting what is where.

A great courtyard to have some breakfast.

St Luke’s Church was built in 1834-1836 and is the oldest Anglican. church in Australia. The clock mounted in the church tower chimes each hour and is manually wound by a group of volunteers.

I like this church wall. Not sure of the story or history, but renovation work was taking place.

Leaving Richmond we headed out on a relatively quiet road to Tea Tree, a lovely rural area.

Lovely rural went out the window once we arrived in Brighton. It is busy and nothing attractive about it at all (the ugly). It is a busy necessity we must pass through, as happens touring. Weaving around we joined a three km bike route which was an excellent idea, but in need of some maintenance.

The Bridgewater Bridge and causeway are amongst my earliest childhood travelling memories, and I always wanted to see the bridge rise and watch a boat move through. I have seen it once, and I was in my early 40’s, so I had to wait many years.

Last view of Mt Wellington

Crossing the bridge, views to the south and north.

Head down we concentrated as we did the final leg to New Norfolk. The road was busy with varying verge. We arrived by 12.30 pm and were able to gain early access to our room, overlooking the Derwent River.

Fantastic accomodation, beautifully positioned we showered and washed our clothes, with the idea of walking back into town for a look. However, the best laid plans do not always work.

The washing machine cycle took an agonisingly long 90 minutes (that was a shorter cycle). Then the door would not open and the handle snapped off, leaving our clothes trapped inside (the bad).

That was a bugger kind of moment. In there were arm warmers, gilets, gloves of which we only have one pair each, plus jersey and bibs (we do have a spare pair). We tried and tried, watched You Tube videos and nothing worked. We advised the lady owner who was immediately scathing and grumpy.

Whilst Tony waited for her further advice, I walked the 2 km back into town to sort out dinner and destress! I also put a post onto FB seeking my friends wisdom. We tried a variety of their ideas, but the big winner was my Zwift friend James N who asked to see a photo of the lock, then suggested a flat knife….it worked!! Sounds like we will be charged for the service fee, travel and new lock…but we have our clothes!

Final view tonight as I look out our window. Incredibly peaceful. Big day tomorrow! Thanks for reading. Ooroo.

3 thoughts on “The good, the bad, the ugly

    1. Neither do I, upon reflection and looking at the age of the machine. We have not heard anything but I have it checked my credit card either ( will do when we get home, and if there is a charge, I will make the necessary noises….).


  1. Uncool Cycling Club

    That’s a distressing incident with the washing machine. I guess you won’t be recommending that accommodation, especially if they charge you for the repair…


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