Time to pack my bags

I am somewhat behind in my blogs from Europe….Rome, Tuscany….I had issues with my camera ( it died) and wifi in Tuscany. So I will move on and do a photo blog in the future…as right here, right now I need to pack my bags.

Yes, I’m hitting the road again….seriously hoping not literally this time after Europe where I broke ribs and teeth!!

Tomorrow New Zealand looms. Again you say? Yes, this will be my 4th trip to NZ for 2018. I love the place, it is nice and close travel wise, spectacular scenery, friendly people, crap car drivers.

When I tell non cycle people I train for cycle touring, they give me a funny look…they do not get it. Why  don’t you do a boat cruise? Say what?? That would end in tears….one day, when I cannot do the cycle distances, maybe….possibly…but not until I’m old…well older!! 

Why cycle touring? The memories, the places and the people. The effort required to chug up that hill, carrying your gear is satisfying (after the fact). The feeling you have at the end of the day, week or tour knowing what you have achieved under your own steam. 

More recent memories…

This old bloke owned a restaurant in Buonconvento, province of Siena, Tuscany. He spoke no English but we shared a love of all things bicycle. He insisted on showing us his old race bike. 
Roberto, the man who lived with wolves to find his voice
The eclectic Italy Bike Tours mob

The sights…

Monte Jafferau, Bardonecchia
Me on the road in Tuscany 

Pienza, Tuscany enjoying an aperol spritz, 

I love reliving the memories. I am a sentimental person and love the stories.  I have been fortunate to meet so many interesting people….Roberto who lived in the Siberian Mountains with wolves whilst finding his voice, Marco who just abrogated life responsibilities to ‘just ride’, Jane who played in a recorder orchestra, Peter who at 80 rode LeJog and the list goes on. People have fascinating stories to tell…if you listen.

So back to this trip..the plan is a 1550 km ride starting and ending in Auckland. It will be hilly, there will be gravel. We have all day though to create new memories. 

The route although slightly altered as now travelling to Tauranga to catch up with some cycling friends and onto Rotorua via the lake.

Some of the route is familiar territory.  Sue and I did the section from Rotorua to Taupo to Tongariro en route Auckland to Wellington.

I have also done some riding around New Plymouth when I did the Taranaki ride with friends, camping in the area.  Looking forward to seeing this years Festival of Lights on Christmas Eve there. 

Also revisiting Whangamomona, a small town on the Forgotten Highway. It is in the middle of nowhere, lots of dirt roads, and stinking hot last time I visited. 

 So I hope the trip is safe, no falls, no broken teeth or bones, nothing stolen and I discontinue my bad weather chick magnetism!! 

6 thoughts on “Time to pack my bags

  1. cherieineurope2016

    Have a fabulous ans safe trip. Look fwd to following your journey.CheersCherie

    Sent from my SAMSUNG Galaxy S7 on the Telstra Mobile Network


  2. Peridot .

    Stunning photos. Inspirational story. Have a wonderful Christmas and a safe and happy 2019. Best wishes Sylvia ________________________________


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