The day before…

The meteorologists got it right. We woke up to shite weather. Pouring with rain, black skies. It did not take long to decide to have a day off the bike.


Besides we we needed to pack up and clean the apartment that had been our home for 6 nights.

We wandered off in the rain for coffee and then had an early lunch at Wok to Work, our third visit. They recognised us. I had been giving my name here as “mink” so that when our order was ready they would call out ” Mink” Mink”.

Good tucker! Vegetables with prawns and beef.

I found a brilliant shop that sold the most wonderful quality chocolate moulds, at significantly cheaper prices than home.

Check out the bicycle mould!

Then went for a wander up Cours Victor Hugo to the Porte de Bourgogne.

Porte de Bourgogne
Found a turtle to sit on, check out the photo bombers!! Ha ha!

We also managed to upset a French soldier who questioned Tony re his camera use. We decided maybe we would move on out of the square as we were being watched very closely!

He does not look happy.

Back at the unit we received the call from Mike and Andy ( Bike Adventures) to let us know that they were on their way over to collect us and transfer us to our Bike Adventures accomodation.

Our bikes are now stored with the other riders bikes just off the restaurant.

A final wander of Bordeaux to check out a few other ancient monuments.

Check out the entertainment at the traffic lights. She was talented.  She then went from car to car seeking money.

Juggling at the lights.

The first ancient abbey is the Eglise Saint Croix, constructed in the 11-12th centuries, attached to a Benadictine monastry from the 7th century!


Next up was the Basilique St Michel, a newer church built between the 14th-16thncentury! So much history in one city makes you a little complacent. The pilgrims stop here on their long walk.

Free to enter the church but fee paying and massive queue for the tower.

Checked out another confessional box. The seat was marginally better, just!

Beautiful wood work though
Looking like a naughty school girl here plotting her next misadventure

Heading back to the hotel we came across a children’s scooter race event. What really attracted our attention was the event mascot, a kangaroo!! An Australian animal for a French event.

Kangaroo lost in France
Another curio we passed

Finally we ended up in another supermarket. All week I have been trying to source shaved coconut for snacking on. Coconut seems to be a rare product in these parts and I left empty handed again.

One of the things that has surprised us in the supermarkets is the availability and pricing of a wide range of alcohol. Here is the red wine section, with many bottles for only 3-5 euro.

A section of the red wines

We have now met all our fellow riders and we know three. In addition to Barbara and Jamie their friend Martin is also here, whom we know from last years London to Venice. They all live in London, with Barbara and Jamie formerly from Glasgow, Scotland.

We also have Jonno ( Cornwall, England), Suni and Lisette ( Durbin, South Africa) and Elizabeth and Gordon ( Ottawa, Canada, formerly also Glasgow).

So it is goodnight from Bordeaux. Tomorrow our adventure to Barcelona commences, and my fingers are crossed for improved weather.

2 thoughts on “The day before…

  1. John Hodgson

    Hope the roll out goes well for yourself, Tony and the rest of the gang, and your tour guide can find you some illusive coconut shavings…..I’ll have to try them !!!! Very informative posts Sharon you have certainly done your homework you naughty schoolgirl you…….’Ferret’

    Liked by 1 person

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