Lazy day


Today is our one and only rest day. We woke up to rain, and the forecast was rain all day. Fortunately by mid morning the rain stopped. So we threw some Lycra on and grabbed the bikes to have a casual 17 km ride around New Plymouth.

We headed straight down to the water front and headed towards the port. A real mix of views.



We checked out this rock….I minded the bikes whilst Tony climbed up.




Back on the road we stopped to admire this view



Back into town we headed out along the track we’ll leave tomorrow on. Some of the waves were crashing over the breakwater creating large salt puddles to ride through, thereby ensuring the bikes were cleaned of salt later.


The only place open was Maccas, so we headed in for a coffee and muffin.


Later in the afternoon we walked back up to the Pukepuka Park, where the Festival of Lights is being held to check it out by day.

This is the local cricket oval, extremely well maintained and looking like something made by the Mayans!


Views in the park are very nice. It is extremely well maintained with a wide variety of plants.



Heading back to town via the cricket ground, another view.


In the wedge of vegetation we got a glimpse of snow clad Taranaki….probably as good as we are going to get!


Over the road from our hotel we noted this sign referring to the church being closed due to earthquake damage. We went and checked the grounds out and learned this is New Plymouth’s  Cathedral and the oldest stone church in New Zealand.


This oak tree was planted from an acorn brought over from England in around 1899. There are many old graves including men killed during the Maorie Troubles around 1860.


So only about 17 km on the bike today…I know, hardly worth getting changed for.

Hopefully our bodies have rested adequately for the final four day fling back up to Auckland. Three of the days are long and hilly. Tomorrow is 150 km.

So ooroo from New Plymouth – next stop is Piopio.


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