I’m always doing things I can’t do. That’s how I get to do them.

The above quote came from Pablo Picasso, the famous 20th century Spanish painter from the Cubist movement.  Seems apt for what I am about to undertake – yet another hair brained idea.

For newer readers to my blogs, I was told back in September 2015 that I would not be able to ride more than 5 km….at all! I was told I needed a complete knee replacement.  I was not impressed.

I am a bit stubborn – tell me I cannot do something becomes a personal challenge – I will find ways to prove you wrong, regardless of age, body and circumstances.

The last 18 months has provided a plethora of personal challenges that wont be featured in this blog, as there are some things that are just ‘unbloggable’.  Needless to say, this journey will be a significant mental and physical challenge for me.

Sure, I have ridden further (London to Venice).  Yes, I have bike packed (Auckland to Wellington with Sue).   I have also climbed higher peaks (Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland). BUT….I have never done it alone. I have always had the company of other riders.

Starting at sparrow fart this Sunday, I will depart Auckland on my reliable Specialized Roubaix, with a couple of panniers and light back pack and head north – to Cape Reinga – and then back to Auckland.

I will be riding around 1100 km, and climbing around 12 500 metres (a lot of climbing  carrying gear!!!)


My overnight stops are Mangawhai Heads (128 km/1793m climbing), Oakura (116km/1204m), Tapeka (52km/830m). Monganui (100km/1218m), Karikari Peninsula (52km/403m). Houhora – 2 nights (66km/384m, 137km/1678m), Rawene (124km/1093m), Turiwiri (111 km/1559m), Wellsford (103km/995m) and back to Auckland (86km/1159m).

I will have minimal gear with me – just a change of cycling knicks/jersey, plus basic non cycle clothing, toiletries, first aid and bike maintenance requirements.

I have upgraded my rear seat pannier and top tube bag – plus purchased a matching Specialized back pack – for very light gear only, as my dodgy back does not need much extra weight on it.

To the weather Gods – please, pretty please this is my request:  no wind, no rain, not too hot, not too cold – just right!!  That would be really dandy!!

In reality, my biggest risk are cars – I am on some pretty major roads, and whilst Kiwi’s are really friendly, some of their car drivers are amongst the worst I have experienced.

Am I scared and nervous – oh yes you bet I am!

However, I am sure this challenge will make me a stronger person and I will discover more about Sharron.

Hopefully I end looking like I did with Sue in Wellington – with a smile on my face…..








4 thoughts on “I’m always doing things I can’t do. That’s how I get to do them.

  1. Hope it all goes well Shaz….. and that riding alone does not make you feel lonely or sad. Mind you – noting you are taking minimal gear with you it might be good that you are riding solo….’cos you might be a bit stinky after a few days …. given minimal gear!!! Stay safe and enjoy the ride… from me – I wont be amazed by big k’s of massive altitudes or how tough the terrain is – ‘cos I already know you can do those things.

    I will however have a warm inner glow for you if you can honestly say that you are happy (content) with what you are doing at any point in time…. enjoying the adventure of each day As you have done with past rides, enjoy the company of others and share your experiences with those you make meaningful contact with.

    Best wishes.. your old buddy Mark



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