De jetlagging

The bikes have survived the flight and are whole, courtesy of Tony. We are yet to hop on and ride and adjust, as we are tired still and would rather wait a day to ensure we are more alert.

My epilepsy main trigger is extreme tiredness and often associated with jetlag so an important safety measure too.

Today we went with Ben and Sharon to Freiburg Im Breisgau, a city in Germany on the edge of the famous Black Forest.

The Aldstadt (old town) still boasts a few of the original gateway entrances.

Sadly McDonalds seems to have taken over history here.

Freiburg has existed for a long time, becoming incorporated in the 12th century. It is a University and ecclesiastical centre with a population of around 250,000.

It was heavily bombed during WW2, with many parts of the city destroyed and rebuilt based upon historical plans.

The historic Munster was constructed between 1200-1500 and sustained minor damage during WW2.
A farmers market was being held today outside the Munster
The Mechanics Hall…I think…

The Aldstadt was buzzing with a wide range of performers and characters. As we walked past the next guy we stopped to watch, as he was singing…..Waltzing Matilda with a strong German accent.

There were a range of characters walking around.

An intriguing part of the Aldstadt was the flowing water drains of varying sizes, all very clean. some flowed freely, others had kids playing with little boats in them, or displays outside shops as per the photo below.

Then there were larger canals with features such as…

At this same canal were bikes tied to the rails.

How to deter thieves and make it a bit trickier.

We walked up a big hill to the site of an old Schlossberg now featuring lots of hillside walks and a beer garden.

There were great views of the city.

There was beer!

There were bananas everywhere, as part of an artist installation.

It is very hard to go anywhere in Europe without a war memorial.

I was feeling pretty weary after our walking, as my knees and hips are pretty stiff from the flight and I was ready for a nap.

Tomorrow (Sunday) we plan to take the bikes out for a short ride more to test and adjust. I have not yet ridden my new bike and we need to get my saddle height and forward position, and tilt, right and easier to do without the luggage on board.

So until tomorrow, stay safe and smile on 😊

One thought on “De jetlagging

  1. JJ

    What a beautiful town! Glad to hear you and Tony have made it safely to Europe. Looking forward to hearing about your travels and living vicariously through you! Enjoy and stay safe! 😘

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