Rest day…burn the witches!

I slept very badly after yesterday’s epic ride. I was physically tired but my body seemed to want to keep moving…needless to say I was a bit sluggish and needed coffee!

I showered early as Eliska needed to be at school by 730 pm for a school camp. For us this was to be farewell. I was sad, as she has been a beautiful little friend, with such a kind, generous soul….I shared many hugs waiting for the bus… it is not the best photo as the fence is in the way ( in fact, the bus still had not arrived so not our final, final farewell).


It was quite entertaining watching the bus driver try to pack the bus with all the luggage, as the teacher had forgotten to order the trailer…and there was a lot of luggage.

So it was a take it easy, chilling kind of morning (watched the hilarious film Tour de Pharmacy, a black comedy about drug taking at the 1982 TDF starring Lance Armstrong, Kevin Bacon and Orlando Bloom.

Saskia( junior) was home today so we went for a bike ride! A little one to town and back for lunch. A massive 6 km return trip.

Wheel sucking off an 8 year old in a headwind did seem unfair, but she wanted to lead.

Beautiful river views of the Lube.


We went to the restaurant we had visited on my first night. All of town seemed to be there, so a good sign!

Mirek and Saskia choosing

The result…my dish is a traditional Czech one. slice of beef, sauce with dumplings ( sliced).

My dish is the same as Saskia’s on the left…Mirek’s meal is the one at the front. Beef in sauce, and the fried things are potatoes and herbs…

Icecream is very popular in Czech, so we had one heading home. I’m kind of liked the statue adjacent to the icecream shop.


The local playground just a few hundred metres from their home.


The plan for the evening was to attend a burning of the witch festival, with hundreds being held all  over the country.

We walked to the first one, with our own little witch…

We will keep this little witch safe! Very cute.

We walked past strawberry fields being watered. It is a pick your own business, that will open in about one month.


One of the local streets on the way, complete with bell tower

The public burning was quite well controlled with the fire brigade in attendance…


We then walked down the river path…




..arriving at a private witch burning session.

Burn burn burn

This local group were very happy and festive. They had a little camp fire, and the men were having macho competitions…like turning massive tree stumps up, getting in the river to swim across…none of this was alcohol fuelled, of course….

I met the irrepressible Tomas, who had plenty of stories to tell in English with a very wicked sense of humour.

Tomas was very entertaining
The locals are all sitting on chunks of wood, in the forest setting
The cooking grill pivots around…thought it was great.

So the end of another great day in CZ. A rest day that was really needed.


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