Next steps…

After being told to get off my bike and not ride, at all, that freaked me. I asked could I walk? They said, ‘if it feels safe’. Seriously, what does that mean? I felt ‘safe’ riding 100 km. I felt safe riding 3000 km ( well except that day on the French National truck highway). Remember I have had zero symptoms. Zero.

Shaun P and Paul the zwifting cardiologist both told me to walk. For your mind if nothing else. This has been reinforced by Sue Mc and Di O, both wonderful nurses.

So twice a day I am now walking with Tony and Khaleesi. Not long walks as Khaleesi needs frequent but shorter works due to her bilateral hip dysplasia diagnosis. Bit slower to not get my heart rate up.

I would usually walk her at lunchtime when working from home, but I’m not currently as she is a very strong dog that I need to exert effort into at times to obey. That I am sure raises my blood pressure, so for now, we all go together with the second walk when Tony gets home from work.

The walkway adjacent to our home
Our beach, lower tide
Our beach
Pile of logs from floods in 2011 still remain above the high tide mark. Higher tide, so we walk down along the pebbles.

I am getting up at 4.45 am still. All three of us are awake anyhow. We walk early. I am amazed how many wallaby there are in our area grazing in peoples gardens. Khaleesi sees most and her prey or maybe play instinct is strong and Tony has to reign her in.

Back home and I make my new world coffee….cappuccino using almond milk. Ordinarily I would have a double shot black at this hour before I started riding but now I am ‘treating’ myself.

Almond milk is taking some getting used to but I am enjoying it more each day. Thankyou to all the almond farmers who get up early to fastidiously milk their almond herd.

I chose this cup deliberately this am,. Bright and cheery and a gift from my long departed sister in law Cheryl who succumbed to lung cancer 14 years ago. I have kept these, as I am very sentimental.

I started working at 6 am yesterday. My managers have been very kind and generous with their flexibility. I have patches of super productivity then I lapse…and need to refocus.

I have multiple grant programs on the go and they all need tweaking and there is a bureaucratic process that must be followed, so nothing happens as quickly as you want. So plenty to occupy me.

I found this at the weekend as I sorted through old files. Very cute. I left it on my little table next to my recliner. Nice to remind myself that my kids love me. I love them so much.

I turned 60 a few weeks back. It was nice to be with Ben as it was his birthday too. We enjoyed brunch together courtesy of my daughter in law Sharon. Then we wandered around Basel, a beautiful city.

I remind myself of the day here as I look at the beautiful present Ben gave me. It makes me remember our wonderful cycling trip as those three mountains are the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau that featured heavily in my posts from Wilderswil.

The knife in front he gave me for Mothers Day, it is a panorama cheese knife with a cut out section in the shape of numerous Swiss peaks, including those three.

It is a goal to get back there I have decided.

The view from our bedroom of the same three.

I have been overwhelmed by the support in this journey. Many of you have told me stories re yourself or a loved one. A few have told me sad stories too but overall the positive stories are in the majority.

I have been accepted into a support group page for cardiac athletes in rehab and it is truly incredible what many of these are doing and achieving.

My girlfriend Sue has had a few long conversations with me and we have reminisced about our adventures together. Laughed lots. She has made me promise to ring her and I will today.

Pauline B has messaged regularly and made me promise I will stick around.

Di O has given me sage advice along with Shaun P, both experienced nurses.

Then there are literally hundreds of other comments of support on both Facebook, messenger, mobile and my blog page. A huge thankyou.

This is the stats on my web page. Very telling that the support and interest and perhaps curiosity and care factor is high.

The Deputy Secretary of our Department rang me last night. It humanises bureaucracy when you have higher level executives contact you and offer whatever support there is. He said you are part of the family….whatever you need it’s there.

I did one of those silly Facebook quizzes that was on Julie B Facebook page today. This is what it came up with. I know that they are bullshit, as accurate as the horoscope or weather report but still…

But….I am not facing this alone. Many are concerned and worry if it could happen to them too. No symptoms.

I don’t think I have ever been accused of sugar coating anything lol, bluntness and directness is me, and has led to some misunderstanding me. I hate fake people and have a huge bullshit radar. I tend to be very efficient and organised, and that intimidates some but that says more about them too.

Yes and the last line is true. But it tends to take me getting burned a few times as I do forgive and give second chances. I believe in second chances. Third and fourth I start to take the hint and then look after me.

Today is the day I see the cardiologist to find out when the next step happens. I want it to be sooner than later as I cannot avoid it and want to do it before I have a significant event, that would either kill me or leave me with damaged heart muscle. Optimal recovery if I can go into as healthy as I am ( bar the diseased arteries)

Tony did not know what to buy me for my 60th. I’ll admit that deep down I wanted to make something of this 60th as I just had this niggling doubt in me. Based on what? I cannot explain it.

Anyhow I have been flitting around undecided. I was thinking of a ring and been getting prices etc, but I think I have decided on this. Made in Denmark, available in Hobart and it’s named….life.

Since 2018 I have worn a black band I bought at the Vatican. I’ll add this to my strength.

14 thoughts on “Next steps…

  1. Stuart Doyle

    Hi Sharron, good luck with the next stage of your journey. Do you know Beth Greenaway? She is also a cardiac athlete so if you don’t know her, look her up on Zwift.
    Best wishes

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Robert V. Glueck

    Sharron, I love reading your blog and really am shocked but I am in awe of your strength and perseverance. I will be looking forward to seeing you back in Watopia leading rides and chatting it up once you get through this. You have friends all over that are praying and pulling for you in addition to your family. I also love the Danish bracelet choice that is beautiful. Happy belated 60th birthday wishes!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Kind thanks Robert for your good wishes and prayers. I’m still in shock too and doing this blog helps me and I hope raises awareness in other fit friends. I’m gutted actually….I want to live. Yes, the Danish link re your mum and hey, the TDF started there too.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Thanks Robert, yes I am shocked too. It’s been tough getting my head around it and trying not to get upset. Ride 3000 km and no issue then this…😢 but the blog helps me plus I hope raises awareness for others. I want to stay alive…

      Liked by 1 person

  3. David Stakes

    Gee Sharron, thats a blow to you. Always amazed at your Zwift exploits, 100plus k before 9am if not more. Something to look up to and realise you are above mortal. A Super Woman. As they say Ride On, or for now Walk on.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Paul Little

    Sharron, I have just come across your sad story.
    I just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you and your family. You do not have to respond.
    I cannot imagine what you must be going through at the moment.
    This illness must be taking up a lot of space in your life atm.
    Knowing you, watching you running a dental clinic, children doing homework out the back, running a swimming club, etc, it must be hard to be told to take it slow and easy right now.
    Even though you are saying fitness is a façade, I truly think it is your fitness, that will help you get your life and your bike back, steadier and stronger, you have shown an inner strength through your life & bike challenges, I can only image this must be tough, but I believe it will make you tougher.
    You have an amazing family, soulmate , surrounded by love & happiness through grandchildren, friends & zwifters, take care thinking of you.
    See you for that coffee & chat & look forward to typing Hi TT Sharron zwifting again.
    Regards Paul

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Paul – you are one of the few around that know how hard I worked back then with the surgery, kids, swimming etc – certainly a juggle that I did to the best of my capabilities at that time, but led to my personal downfall and crucifixion – but thankyou for acknowledging and sticking by me!!

      THis is a lesson for all fit people….and hopefully a wake up call. I just need to get onto that table to improve the current situation, and then live with the disease (as it is non reversable ) to ensure that with drugs and a few other changes I can live a long life and piss more people off!!!!

      Yes coffee!!! Thanks again for your enduring support.

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  5. Davis Jefferies

    I am enjoying your blog very much. Just know that your Zwift Family is with you, especially Team 3R. It will be a huge celebration the day you get back on your bike. Take Care,

    Liked by 2 people

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