Asolo and Giro

I awoke to beautiful weather in Asolo. A lovely breakfast, but my idea of a BIG coffee differs somewhat to the lady barista! 😂

Luke, Peter and I were dropped off into the Piazza Maggiore in Asolo to have a wander around. The town has significant Roman heritage.

We decided to walk to Il Rocco….way up high on the hill overlooking Asolo, the Veneto and the Dolomites.



Once at the top this is the main entrance. Closed for renovations.


Walking back down there are numerous olive trees on the flats and slopes.



Back in the Piazza Maggiore looking up the the convent, you can see the old fortification high  above.


This fountain is a central piece in the Piazza Maggiore with water from an old Roman aqueduct.


I love quirky gargoyles and building details including the wood panelling under this buildings eaves, and the metal dragon.



After a quick lunch it was onto the bikes to ride off to Giro.



The weather was perfect and we followed Daniele as he weaved around various roads and villages.


Stopping for a quick drink and catchup after the first hill…


We were able to do the Giro hill climb…only 3 km but packed with cyclists of all shapes, sizes and abilities. It was walking only under the KOM banner as cyclists just seemed to stop on the line, causing a build up behind.


We then rode another 15 km or so to the finish line where we saw the riders come through the first time…very fast…hence the blur on my photos…

Leading rider with one loop to,go, including the KOM

We all sat outside a local bar waiting patiently….


Until the final sprint…we were all hanging our arms and phones over the barriers and did a massive jump back as the riders screamed around on our side of the barricade…


A nice win for Viviani, good friend of our leader Daniele. I did not get a photo of him…too fast for my trigger happy finger.

The crush after the race was incredible…4 police pushed through so I drafted them ( walking), and stuck with them in the gap they created.

Our team management decided to transfer us back to the hotel by van, as thunderstorms were threatening….,

Tomorrow is the challenge ….Zoncolon…to Zoncolon or not to Zoncolon, that is the question…..🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

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