First things first. Back to the sea organ to listen to the beautiful sounds created by the water underneath this structure, released via a series of vents and openings. It was crisp and clear today despite a mob of school kids on an excursion. I was so pleased we swung back here before continuing our journey south.

03BD73FC-2FA4-488D-83E9-9C7121BFA186The first 75 km we did not take photos as we were on a reasonably busy, one laned, no verge arterial road. Eventually our route took us onto less busy roads. Below is the arterial road where you can see zero verge with a cambered gutter you cannot ride on.

We kept our eyes open and wide looking for this wildlife. There were numerous signs, but sadly no razorbacks appeared. Probably a good thing

We did see a few snakes (alive and dead), and some beautiful green and yellow lizards.They are too quick for photographs though.

The snakes creep me out though. I forgot to mention a few days ago, on a warm day, Tony called and pointed…as he veered wildly to the left, there were two black snakes entwined in passion. If he had not called out I would have gone over them. As it was I missed them by inches and their two heads were already 6 inches off the ground…peddle height.

I am not sure what we are looking at. The structure at the top of the hill almost looks like an observatory of some kind?

We pulled off the busy road when a sign appeared for a ‘panoramic’ restaurant’. Certainly a great view. The body of water is the Krka River and flows direct into the Adriatic Sea.  Upstream is to the left under the bridge and into the Krka National Park.

Found a nice table for a rest.

Our route took us to the outskirts of Sibenik, another historic Croatian city. It is the oldest native Croatian town on the shores of the Adriatic.

Our route then turned inland, well away from the Sea. We were totally fascinated by the amount of rock and thick stone walls, in various conditions.

The roads became quite minor and narrow. We turned left here!

More walls.

When you are riding along with hills to the left, hills to the right, hills in front of you and no obvious valleys it means only one thing, You are going to climb!

Tony took this one at the saddle of quite a pinch of a climb that was between 9-11 percent for the most. There was a bit more after it but not as steep. The graph shows the  ashy little climb.

0337C0CA-4ADC-4D85-83CA-010894CA4125.jpegLooking back down the valley

When you are at around 400 m.a.s.l. eventually you must descend if heading to a seaside location. Here is our first view of Split.

We are still about 40 km ride from Split at this point. It is looking like a big city to ride into. Aargh, but it is Saturday so maybe it will be quieter.

Fortunately it was a bit quieter and we made our way into the Old Town without too many hairy near misses.

Once we got to the old section, we walked our bikes. There are numerous narrow alleys, highly polished and well worn cobbles with an extraordinary gloss ( ie, slippery) and tourists galore.

Our accommodation is a tiny 2 bedroom apartment on the second floor of an old building overlooking multiple little cafes and restaurants.

After a lovely meal at one of those we wandered around.


This is the waterfront section. Old facades to the left with eateries and tourist oriented pop up shops to the left.



We survived Croatian car drivers. An extraordinary country of contrast. The mountains, the sea and everything in between. It will leave an indelible memory.

Old town Split

Today this was our route.


I deliberately made our 145 km ride route smaller, so that you can see where in the world we are. Multiple countries not far from here, with Bosnia very close.

We have a rest day Sunday as we wait for our overnight ferry to Italy.

We will wander around the old town, with our bikes, kitted up in case we hop onto them, fully loaded as this accommodation cannot store them.

Rain and cooler conditions are forecast. I hope it waits until evening and buckets down before we arrive in Italy, where bad weather is forecast. Fingers crossed he meteorologists are wrong.

Thanks for reading,




2 thoughts on “Split

  1. Ali

    Super day you had today! I love some of the photographs – especially the waterfront shot, beautiful colours! Lots of hard work again climbing and hauling all your gear too. Super kudos! Get some rest tomorrow and safe onward travels in Italy (more chaotic drivers I fear lol).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Paul little

    Fantastic pictures and great comentary Sharron, I spent 6days in Croatia in 2008, loved it , all the great waterfront was very unexpected, will you get a chance to see the Plitvice Lakes at the edge of the mountains a famous natural phenomenon of lakes and waterfalls.


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