Cruising around Vienna

No view out the bedroom window today as we just look out onto the streets of Vienna.

A great hotel where you can borrow an electric guitar and bring it to your room and connect it to the Marshall amplifier and have a play! I am seriously tempted!


The plan today was to ride around Vienna for a bit then wander along the Danube bike path towards Tulln. We did just that and knocked off another 88 km in the process.

Some snap shots from around the city including part of the Hofburg, before we got onto the Danube bike path.



On the matter of bike paths, there are some 1300 km of bike paths in Vienna alone. They are everywhere. They can be in the middle of the street in between two lanes of traffic heading in the same direction, on the side of the street, on footpaths and so on.

The drivers are incredibly considerate, patient and courteous where there are no paths too.

This morning was our second trip riding in Vienna during peak hour and whilst we were incredibly alert (often meaning one foot not cleated in, hands sitting gently resting on the brakes), we did not feel unsafe.

Back to the Danube, or Donau as it is known as in Austria. This is shortly after we joined the path. To the right is the Donau Canal, an offshoot from the main river. There is an incredibly long sliver of an island in between.


There are a series of locks on the river.


Here we are nearing the end of the island and the Danube becomes one mass of fast flowing water.


There are many passenger boats with tourists cruising the river. One is heading downstream to Vienna on the fat side, and we are approaching a port on this side.


At the town of Klosterneuburg sits this monastery perched up above town. It was established in 1114. It used to be attached to a town on the other side of the river. The Danube changed course during the latter Middle Ages thereby separating it.


At Tulln we decided to stop for lunch. It is a pretty little town and one of the oldest towns in Austria. Originally settled in pre Roman times it gained importance as a Roman fort.



Paying homage to its Roman history, is this statue of Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor.


The Nibelungen Fountain  is where Attila the Hun supposedly proposed to Gudrun.


After our picnic lunch on the banks of the Danube we headed back towards Vienna. It was 28 degrees now and I was hot!


We crossed the river at this lock. It is amazing just how wide the river is.



Two beautiful vistas looking back across the river.



The Pied Piper story here intrigued me. It was all in German. Must research to see where Hamlin is in comparison to the town in the story.


Found a bunch of roaming dinosaurs. Nice posterior view too, lol.


Todays discovery route. We had no plans, we just rode.


Tomorrow we head further down the river to Bratislava, capital of Slovakia. We are winging it and will find accomodation once there.

Ooroo 😊💪🚴





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      1. I did heaps of mapping at home on BikeMaps and uploaded as .gpx files onto Garmin. With new mapping here we are using Mapy and uploading to mobile phone ( voice directions).


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